• WPAC residency at 38 Hoe Street


    Introducing Walthamstow Performing Arts Collective (WPAC) sees us taking over a shop unit on 38 Hoe Street and presenting a public programme from Thursday, 4th December 2014 until Sunday, 14th.

    With this we bring visual art, theatre, dance, music, science, film and food. WPAC sees a community coming together to share across the spectrum and see what the future holds. Can wE17 have a community-led performance space?

    full programme

    WPAC is an informal group that would like to create a venue for performing arts in Walthamstow. WPAC misses a local space where groundbreaking artistic practice emerges and develops, and where practitioners and audiences can interact.

    With the Collective for Performing Arts WPAC envisions an informal space for testing new ideas and showcasing performing arts including music, theatre, spoken word, live art and more. WPAC would like to see this space to be led by and for its users – artists and audiences alike.

  • WiTCH


    WITCH by Fans of Feminism

    Curated by Caroline Halliday and Seana Wilson

    Show Dates: 15.11.14 – 24.11.14

    Public View: Friday 14 November 6-9pm

    Artists: Agata Cardosa, Ami Evelyn, Carla Cruz, Caroline Halliday, Cibele Alvarenga, Emma Strangwayes-Booth, Florens Lea, Heidi Sincuba, Isabella Della-Porta, Maureen Burdock, Nicola McCartney, Oriana Fox, Sadie Hennessy, Sarah Sparkes, Seana Wilson, Sutapa Biswas, Titus Davies, Vika Verb

    Witch is an outsider, powerful, inhabiting myths, folk & fairy tales, contemporary books for adults & children and also films; persecuted in the everyday, across centuries and across continents.

    As an image, Witch can be seen as wise, caring, magical, but she is often shown as dangerous or represented as ugly, old, hunched, or as a seductress therefore presented to children as tantalising, frightening & strange.  Misogynist, stereotyped ideas about women are deeply embedded in these images. She is so full of ambiguity that patriarchy aims to contain her in good or evil, but she eludes this binary as one female stereotype outside patriarchal control.

    Like Witch, women are magical, quirky, determined to reach our unknown potential, as the powerful people we are and can be.  Witch is reclaimed, a new dynamic icon.

    FANS OF FEMINISM’s fourth London mixed media show, ‘WITCH’ connects – with ladders, office cabinets, menstruation, longing and birds – to this diverse & fascinating concept, and to the persecution which it may entail.  WITCH will be ‘magic’d’ up, unbound, by contemporary, well known and emerging feminist artists, who conceptually re-imagine her intertwined facets.

    “Witches are NEVER AFRAID.” Sarah Sparkes

    Gallery open: 11 – 6pm Thurs – Mon or by appointment

    A-side B-side Gallery

    Hackney Downs Studios

    Amhurst Terrace


  • Deptford Stories


    Deptford Stories: Art Festival

    1st – 16th November 2014

    Preview night: Friday 31st October, 5-9p

    Family open day: 1st November, 11-6pm

    Anthology Deptford Foundry, Arklow Road Trading Estate, Deptford, London, SE14 6EB

    Deptford Stories, an arts festival celebrating the lives and legends of Deptford will launch on Friday 31st October & Saturday 1st November. It will then continue until 16th November by appointment only. Bringing together art, theatre, music and history of the past, present and future of Anthology Deptford Foundry, the festival will take place in the empty warehouses and workshops of the former site of Arklow Road Trading Estate.

    Curated by experimental arts space, Harts Lane Studios, and produced by Greenspace on behalf of Anthology; Deptford Stories will be an eclectic array of mixed-media installations, sculpture, prints, light displays, textiles and tiling. From James Capper and Katie Surridge’s imposing industrial and structural pieces to Cedric Christie’s iconic light-boxes and Margot Sanders’ site-specific painting portraying the frail beauty of human bonds, the artwork is varied and engaging. The event is organised in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London.

    The show includes; Melissa Alley | Hermione Allsopp | Victoria Arney | Vanya Balogh | Clive Burton | James Capper | Edward Chell | Cedric Christie | Carla Cruz | Alex Culshaw | Mikey Georgeson | Lauri Hopkins | May Yeonok Jang | Caroline Lambard | Cedar Lewisohn | Teresa Leung | Amanda Loomes | Holly Owen | Matt Parsons | Sam Risley | Ellen Camilla Rose | Pascal Rousson | Paul Sakoilsky | Margot Sanders | Katie Surridge | Paul Tecklenberg | Oscar Tornincasa | Paul Tucker | Tisna Westerhof | Rosalie Woods |

    There will also be a unique community quilt on display, which features designs from Childeric Primary School, New Cross.

    Liam Fleming’s immersive-theatre group, In(ep)trepid, will be performing throughout the weekend. On Friday evening they will perform a re-enactment of Christopher Marlowe’s last night, who was rumoured to have died in Deptford. A surprise finale will follow at 8.30pm. There will also be a soundscape over the course of the two days where visitors can experience the sounds of the old foundry, complete with sound bites from George Arthur, a local man who worked on the site in the 1960s.

    Refreshments will be provided by Pig&Rig, who will be serving up a scrumptious hog-roast, accompanied by their own sound system. The Black Cab Coffee Co and Brockley Brewery will be supplying their own expertly brewed coffee and beer respectively. A limited number of drink tokens will be available to sample some of Brockley Brewery’s finest craft beer.

    There will be a range of musical performances playing on both days. On Friday night we welcome Lit FM, a London-based ten-piece alternative jazz-funk band with influences of hip-hop, dub, soul, electronica and jungle music. Then on Saturday JD and the Longfellows will present their violin-driven folk followed by electro swing band, Booty Swing.