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Street Money 4

Between September 23, 2012 and September 24, 2013 I found £ 9.53, € 1.17 euro, few cents on the dollar, zloty, Swiss francs, yen, etc. Totaling GBP = 10.71 after conversion.

This year, following the current economic crises and the political models of disinvestment, I decided to partake of the ‘big society’ neo-liberal model and donate the money found to an institution: The Women’s Library.

“In 1998 the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a grant of £4.2 million to the then London Guildhall University for a new building to house the collections on the site of the old East End wash houses in Old Castle Street, Aldgate, London E1. Changing its name from the “Fawcett Library” to “The Women’s Library”, the new institution opened to the public in February 2002.”

“In Spring 2012, The Women’s Library faced closure and transfer of its collections, or being reduced to operating a skeleton service. LMU had decided to attempt to find a new home, owner or sponsor for the Library’s holdings, threatening to reduce services to one day per week if such a sponsor could not be found. They argued that too much of the Library’s usage comes from outside of the university, and looked to convert the building in order to house a lecture theatre”.

“Since 2 January 2013, the library has been under the custodianship of the  LSE who will own and manage the collection in a new area to be known as The Women’s Library @ LSE.”

1st phase: 2009/10

2nd phase: 2010/11

3rd phase: 2011/12, com António contador

the 5th phase will be done once again in collaboration with António.