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Toxin du Jour – Eindhoven

(by Alexandra Dias Ferreira and Bettina Wind)

In a first series of test flights, pamphlets will set off from the urban and discursive field of Eindhoven. Five pamphlets, written and performed by translocal artists, will circle around blind spots of nationality, belonging and other projection surfaces that usually stay untouched by spectacles and spotlights of the Imagecity. Maybe they will turn into a new manifesto, maybe they will just end up in a garbage bin or a
museum. Feel free to take a step outside and watch them fly!

The State of Translocality, established in 2006, is a platform for reflection and interaction in the field of translocality.


becoming dutch

van Abbe Museum

A sense of doubt
This pamphlet starts rumors about surveillance. Is it true? Is it a chain letter, a science fiction novel, an essay from Wikipedia? Reflections on the contemporary notion of living in a constant state of exception.
Saturday, July 5, 2 to 4 p.m., Ladinoisstraat (Piazza)

This is absolutely true.
A dangerous TOXIN is among us.
This pamphlet is being given to you by a friend, and is most definitely not a joke.
Every single day we are confronted with a new virus.
This is not a scam out of a science fiction novel.
This new threat to our existence and lives is called surveillance.
It is real. It is documented and confirmable.
We have been invisibly watched since 1984.
It is extremely important that as many people as possible read this pamphlet.
Surveillance, like a Trojan Horse, opens a door. Explores our frailties.
You can confirm this to the e-mail address below.
Fear then infects our brains, sending cryptic waves all around.
This is Categorical. Please bounce this pamphlet to whomever you can.
Fright contaminates the ones around us by making copies of itself.
The e-mail address at the end of this text is real and used to denounce this outrage.
The fearful waves transmit the serious incapacity of critical thought.
So keep this pamphlet, copy it, and pass it on.
Together with this powerlessness comes self-control.
There is no luck associated with this pamphlet, but the capacity of reinventing our lives.
If you fail to give out copies of this pamphlet to others, then absolutely nothing extraordinary will happen to you.
A certainty is, that in order to survive this toxin, we must mutate.
If on the other hand you do propagate this pamphlet, then something absolutely extraordinary might happen to the world.
A friend”