1 year of money found in public spaces, London 1 year of money found in public spaces, London accounting accounting 105 GBP in Scratch Cards 105 GBP in Scratch Cards 64 GBP won 64 GBP won

Street Money 2

Money found on London’s streets:
2nd phase 24th September 2010 – 23th September 2011 = 105,80 GBP (after converting a couple of pounds from dollars, euros, Turkish liras, kronor, UAE dirham, Swiss francs; also found in the streets of London)

The money used to buy scratch cards – the National Lottery funding is allocated as follow: Health, Education, Environment and Charitable Causes – 40%; Sport – 20%; Arts – 20%; and Heritage – 20%.

1st phase: 2009/10 = High Tea

3rd phase, from 24th September 2011 – to 23rd September 2012 was made in collaboration with António Contador, which was also  picking up money, but in Paris’ streets.

4th phase: 2012/13 =

Ângelo Ferreira de Sousa has been, in response to this project, creating a ‘Found Library’

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