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The Inauthentic Male

Accepting an invitation to present work at the Bruce Gallery , Rotterdam, with a pre-defined title – Masculinity – brought me to this work. For the project – Meet the Artist – Bruce Gallery after seeing my work on femininity challenged me to work on masculinity. The project was to last a month, being the 2 first weeks of preparation/conceiving the exhibition should already be open to the public.

I then set myself to meet the public and invited men that passed by the gallery to come in and talk about masculinity. A small interview was made and I took note of the answers. At the end of the interview I would make yet a new challenge. Could I for the purpose of having my picture take, wear what they had on?

Therefore the result was a series of pictures of me on men’s cloths, underneath each of them was the answers given by the owner of the cloths on masculinity.