O Rastilho is a spontaneous, informal and experimental group, not for profit and that aims to promote culture that is collectively created, formed by Adelaide Guimarães, Adriana Prazeres, Alexandre Moreira, Amanda Midori, Carla Costa, Carla Cruz, Eduarda Costa, Fernanda Assunção, Margarida Moreira, Mª Albina Leite, Mª Elisa Ferreira, Mª Fernanda Freitas, Mª Goretti Esteves, Mª de Lurdes Oliveira, Mª José Novais, Max Fernandes, Tomás Lemos, and all of those who may contribute to the development of Rastilho’s activities.

Result of a collective process of artistic creation initiated by Carla Cruz with a group already formed, Tecer Outras Coisas, and some more friends and partners. Rastilho was born of a common desire to expand to the community and to the public space their mutual concerns. For its activities, the group gave use to the Primary School in Guimarães’ locality of Pevidém. The two classrooms in the ground floor – empty since in 2010 the children were transferred to a new pole with better conditions and resources – are now again filled with activities related to learning, knowledge exchange and production of knowledge and culture.

The living space on the School is managed by the community, and was conceived and set in motion by this initial group. With multipurpose use the space is modified according to the planned and spontaneous activities. To be sure, Rastilho is not the space but the group; Rastilho is the movement that is going from one to the other, a movement of understanding and sharing.

The School was open to the general public as participant and producer of cultural activities in a relaxed environment and respect for all beings and the nature.

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