• Ensaios de Uma Coleção – Novas Aquisições da Coleção Municipal de Arte


    Ensaios de Uma Coleção – Novas Aquisições da Coleção Municipal de Arte – Arpil 4 -  May 19 2024 – Galeria Municipal do Porto

  • do subterrâneo


    An installation at  The Cave Project Space - Nuno Centeno Gallery
    (…) when the waste and sediment have told us all their memories about the making and unmaking of theworld, new alliances between different forms of  life will come to establish a joint future. A future that is already present because we speculate, imagine and are building it together.
    Excerpt from the text Medula (TOBOSO, Juan Luis, March 2023)
    Since 2020, Carla Cruz & Claudia Lopes have been developing joint reflections on issues such as: marks, fragments, sedimentations, natural, constructed, transformed and fictionalized landscapes, crossed temporalities, post-humanities, circularity, ends of the world and other speculative prefigurations. These are both plastic and conceptual explorations. A mutual interest in moldable and organic materials, non-urban territories and
    intuitive tactics of artistic creation. Their practice is revealed through drawing, video, performance, sculpture and installation. They currently focus their artistic practice on territories in the north of Portugal, where extractivism has transformed landscapes and beings, in a political-poetic approach.

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