• Free Market


    Over the course of three days, Market Gallery will host numerous arts organisers, artists, journalists, writers, economists and activists from across Scotland & the UK. Initiated partly as a response to losing two of our gallery spaces at the end of May, we want to problem-pose the underlying issues behind the allocation of resources and property within the arts & wider cultural sphere. The aim of the forum will be to understand and critique the structural complexities and collectively search for potential alternatives or solutions.
    The forum will be free and will invite responses from both invited speakers and the public. It will address our increasingly fragile ecology of arts, culture & media from a range of perspectives:

    - Who and what determines how cultural resources are distributed, and for what purposes?
    - What are the effects of privatisation on the arts?
    - How can we actively transform art, work & culture for the better?
    - How can we build radically new forms of collective, cross-cultural organisation?

  • Good Luck with your natural, combined, attractive and truthful attempts in two exhibitions


    Good Luck with your natural, combined, attractive and truthful attempts in two exhibitions

    This is an exhibition project presented in two parts: the first in 2015 at Crac Alsace in France and the second at Fórum Eugénio de Almeida in 2017. It brings together a group of artists who inscribe their practice within a logic of cooperation with several fields: social, geographic or economic, and that use the practice of relation, of exchange and of time as their main tools.

    These works presented proceed from (and are produce by) situations of sociability based on the notions of sharing the artistic act with, or delegating it to, other artists, the members of a community or the public.  Cooperation, transformation and exchange are the key words of the exhibition.

    With: Simon Boudvin, Marinella Senatore, Jarbas Lopes, Carla Cruz e António Contador, Petra Bauer, Nicólas Paris, Chloé Maillet et Louise Hervé, David Horvitz, Amilcar Packer, Chris Evans, Rita Ponce de León

  • Performance na Esfera Pública


    I have contributed to this wonderful book: Performance na Esfera Pública, edited by Ana Pais, et al. Orfeu Negro.

    Here is the list of events in which its launch is happening.