Finding Money at Project Radio – Leeds


Project Radio is an online radio station and exhibition space in Leeds dedicated to the collaborative and political potential of radio. Artists, community groups and individuals are using it as a shared space to make radio from the 7th till the 25th October.
Project Radio is hosted by &Model and you’re welcome to come and join us in the gallery from 12 – 5, Wed – Sun to make radio. There are free workshops and artist residencies throughout – if you want to get involved have a look at the schedule.
Project Radio launches Friday 9th October from 5pm.
If you’re not in Leeds you can listen online at – live 2 – 5, Wed – Sun and you can catch up on all or any of the broadcasts once they’re aired on the website.
Antonio Contador and Carla Cruz will be in residency at Project Radio on the 16 and 17th of October.

Project Radio Artists are: Sophie Mallett, Marion Harrison, Antonio Contador & Carla Cruz, Antoine Bertin & Mark Peter Wright, SoundCamp, Lloyd-Wilson, Blanca Regina, Jenny Moore, Ahmet Öğüt, Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock with Terry Atkinson, Mark Vernon & Monica Brown, F=, Kate Donovan & davidly, Rebecca Glover & Fritha Jenkins & David Macdiarmid, Robbie Judkins, Ed Martin, Chris Wood, Pavilion with Grace Schwindt, Nick Thurston with Paul Buck, Luiza Crosman, SPUR, Alex Mackay, Acoustic Mirror, Subash Thebe, Rene McBrearty, Alan Dunn & Chris Watson, Mark Vernon & Monica Brown, Harold Offeh, YTBN