WPAC residency at 38 Hoe Street


Introducing Walthamstow Performing Arts Collective (WPAC) sees us taking over a shop unit on 38 Hoe Street and presenting a public programme from Thursday, 4th December 2014 until Sunday, 14th.

With this we bring visual art, theatre, dance, music, science, film and food. WPAC sees a community coming together to share across the spectrum and see what the future holds. Can wE17 have a community-led performance space?

full programme

WPAC is an informal group that would like to create a venue for performing arts in Walthamstow. WPAC misses a local space where groundbreaking artistic practice emerges and develops, and where practitioners and audiences can interact.

With the Collective for Performing Arts WPAC envisions an informal space for testing new ideas and showcasing performing arts including music, theatre, spoken word, live art and more. WPAC would like to see this space to be led by and for its users – artists and audiences alike.