Mupi Gallery


Carla Cruz | The first step out of a hole is to stop digging

Cycle “Da DERIVA” curated by João Baeta – Saco Azul

Maus Hábitos

Openning: 26.06.2023 (THU), 6.30pm

Until: 26.07.2023

End of the month, end of the world. The same struggle.

Bifo Berardi provokes:

Radicalism should abandon the mode of activism, and adopt a passive mode.We have been working too much over the past three or four centuries, and outrageously too much over the last thirty years.. If a creative consciousness of exhaustion could arise, the current depression may mark the beginning of a massive abandonment of competition, the consumerist drive and dependence on work.

The first step out of a hole is to stop digging.

Suely Rolnik encourages:

We must not wait for the messianic arrival of the revolution, but constantly implicate ourselves in a heterogenous multiplication of revolutionary micropolitical processes. It is necessary to resist the colonial-capitalist desire in ourselves. We must take responsibility for ourselves as living beings and fight for the re-appropriation of the powers of creation and cooperation and for the construction of the common that depends on it.

Under the cobblestones, the beach!

Carla Cruz is an artist, researcher and professor at EAAD-UMinho. Since 2007, she mobilizes with Ângelo Ferreira de Sousa the Associação de Amigos da Praça do Anjo that discusses the right to the city for all; since 2019 she dynamizes the study group Leituras Feministas (i2ADS) that seeks tactics to depatriarchalize and decolonize life and the arts; and since 2020 she develops a speculative artistic project on non-human temporalities with Claudia Lopes.