L’Intru (Invaders)


L’Intru (Invaders) is a multidisciplinary exhibition that deals with issues of post-colonialism, capitalism, memory, identity and narration.

The idea of invasion can be spoken about in abstract and concrete terms: the literal denial of entry into a country and the perception of individuals as outsiders combined with the psychological rupture that occurs when one is denied the opportunity to build an identity, nationality and memories. For those who do not have a past, the only possible future lies in-between the fantasy of alienation or the nostalgia of their origins.

Gathering together artists originally from Portugal, UK, Rwanda, Poland, Argentina, Germany, Hungary and Spain, who work in performance, photography, video and installation, L’Intru (Invaders) aims to question these potent issues: postcolonialism, personal and collective memory, capitalism, narration and identity. The exhibition not only asks who the invaders are, it also speaks of the personal narratives that these forces provoke within the individual.

Drawing inspiration from the Shoreditch area, L’Intru tackles down some of the most difficult issues that Londoners face at the moment: gentrification, liberalism and capitalism.

Finding Money / Outdoors / 12pm / Free

During a residency at Gasworks / Open School East, the artists Carla Cruz and Antonio Contador developed the second moment of a project that explores the implications of finding money in the streets. For the L’Intru (Invaders) exhibition they will conduct a participative project, dealing with issues of money, politics and poetics in the neighbourhood of Shoreditch.