WITCH by Fans of Feminism

Curated by Caroline Halliday and Seana Wilson

Show Dates: 15.11.14 – 24.11.14

Public View: Friday 14 November 6-9pm

Artists: Agata Cardosa, Ami Evelyn, Carla Cruz, Caroline Halliday, Cibele Alvarenga, Emma Strangwayes-Booth, Florens Lea, Heidi Sincuba, Isabella Della-Porta, Maureen Burdock, Nicola McCartney, Oriana Fox, Sadie Hennessy, Sarah Sparkes, Seana Wilson, Sutapa Biswas, Titus Davies, Vika Verb

Witch is an outsider, powerful, inhabiting myths, folk & fairy tales, contemporary books for adults & children and also films; persecuted in the everyday, across centuries and across continents.

As an image, Witch can be seen as wise, caring, magical, but she is often shown as dangerous or represented as ugly, old, hunched, or as a seductress therefore presented to children as tantalising, frightening & strange.  Misogynist, stereotyped ideas about women are deeply embedded in these images. She is so full of ambiguity that patriarchy aims to contain her in good or evil, but she eludes this binary as one female stereotype outside patriarchal control.

Like Witch, women are magical, quirky, determined to reach our unknown potential, as the powerful people we are and can be.  Witch is reclaimed, a new dynamic icon.

FANS OF FEMINISM’s fourth London mixed media show, ‘WITCH’ connects – with ladders, office cabinets, menstruation, longing and birds – to this diverse & fascinating concept, and to the persecution which it may entail.  WITCH will be ‘magic’d’ up, unbound, by contemporary, well known and emerging feminist artists, who conceptually re-imagine her intertwined facets.

“Witches are NEVER AFRAID.” Sarah Sparkes

Gallery open: 11 – 6pm Thurs – Mon or by appointment

A-side B-side Gallery

Hackney Downs Studios

Amhurst Terrace